Top 3 ways to earn money from YouTube

Top 3 ways to earn money from youtube

In today’s internet world. There are many ways of making money online. Probably, there will be more new ways appear in the future.

One of the best and popular way to earn money online is YouTube.

YouTube is a Google’s product that was launched in 2005. YouTube has become a huge platform for the social network. Nowadays, it has also become a huge platform for money making.

Millions of people are making a lot of money from YouTube. It has become a great marketplace for the marketers as more than half of the entire marketers in the world use YouTube in their marketing strategies.

In today’s time, according to YouTube 800 million visitors visits YouTube per month.

There are many ways to make money from YouTube but these are the best 3 ways. Now, you must have a question in your mind that how can we earn that much money from it.

Here is the answer:



  1. Google AdSense:

You have to create a channel on YouTube and link to Google AdSense. “This is called monetization.”

Monetize videos on youtube

First, let’s talk about monetization. Monetization is a process of converting an asset (anything, you own a website or YouTube channel etc.) into the source of money.

Monetization is no longer easy as before. YouTube creators made changes in the policy, according to their new policy, your channel need:-

  • 1000 subscribers
  • At least 4000 hours of watch time.

You are enforced to meet this threshold in the last 12 months otherwise you’ll not be able to enable monetization on your channel and earn money.

After linking your YouTube account to Google AdSense, AdSense shows ads on your videos and you start earning money whenever a viewer clicks on the ad or watch it for at least 30 seconds.

How much money you get from AdSense is not depends on the number of views it depends on many terms like how many times ads have been shown on your video, how many viewers clicked on ads or watched at least 30 seconds and in which country your ads are being watched.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to earn money from YouTube is Affiliate Marketing. Most of the YouTubers are doing affiliate marketing through their channel.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, you should first read “How to earn money online from affiliate marketing” blog for better understanding.

On YouTube, you can give your affiliate links in the description or annotation of your video and if someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchase a product or a service from the link you will get your commission.

Let’s take an example,

Just as you might create a video on a newly launched mobile showing its specification and its pros & cons etc., and include your affiliate link in the description. If any of your viewer get interested in your video and purchases the mobile or any product by clicking your affiliate link, you’ll get the commission for this kind of purchase.


  1. Sponsorship

You can get sponsors for your videos if you have established and popular channel, they will pay you for showing their advertisement in your video.

It does not mean that you need millions of views and millions of subscribers to get sponsors for your videos.

Like if your channel has minimum 5k subscribers and you are getting 2k-3k views on your video then also you can start getting sponsorships.

And yaa!

As your channel grow, and it’s get more popular and popular, you can earn huge from sponsorship. It means the more subscribers you have, the more views and the more watch time you have the more money you can make from sponsorship.

If you have good quality content you have a good amount of views and subscribers (like minimum 50k to 100k subscribers and 20k to 50k views on a single video) then you may get the invitation by companies/sponsors itself.

But you do not need to wait for the invitation. You can also send the proposal to the companies to get the sponsorships. If you meet the companies’ requirements they will give you the sponsorship.

Note: Send proposal for those products or services which are related to your niche.

Now you’ll be wondering where to find the companies that want influencers.

There are so many websites available on the internet to get sponsorships and we recommend you one of the most trustable website which is:

Famebit: This is a trustable website because; its parent company is YouTube.

To register on this website you must have 5k or more subscribers and the best thing about this is you can not only register from YouTube even you can register from Facebook, Tumbler, and Twitter also if you have 5k or more followers on it.


I hope this information will be helpful for you.

Let me know if you have any other interesting way to make money from YouTube in the comment section below.

I would love to hear something from you.

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